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So, finally you have the money to buy a new camera. To pursue your dream of capturing the world. To just go out there and take photos of beautiful birds, fascinating objects, architecture and more importantly your kids, friends and relatives. However,
  • you don't know what camera will best suit your requirements?
  • whether you should buy a compact camera, a prosumer one or a DSLR?
  • which compact/prosumer/DSLR camera is the best one and also fits in your budget?
  • which DSLR-lens combo is the best fit for your photography needs?
  • what camera settings will help you take that elusive photo that you just saw on the internet?
  • which lens should you buy and why?
We, at ClicksToRemember, are here to help you out with these and so many related queries that you may have. And most importantly, these all come for *free*.
Please feel free to ask any of the question that you have related to camera, lens and photography.



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